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Worldshare is an international relief and development NGO that practices unconditional sharing to those suffering worldwide. In 2006, we started with a Grouphome childcare facility for the children in need of care in Medan, Indonesia and have done our best to save at least one more life of those in need of help by going to them directly over the last 10 years. As of 2019, we are active in more than 30 countries around the world, and we are leaping forward as a global NGO worthy of its name with the Special Consultative Status from the UN Economic and Social Council.


Haiti Teen Challenge is empowering Haitians to heal their land.

HTC is dedicated to gospel-centered, asset-based community development, which empowers Haitians to lead significant and sustainable change in their nation. HTC identifies emerging student leaders, connects them to Christ, and provides them with leadership and LIFE skills training, mentors, education, and internships.


All staff in Haiti is Haitian. HTC continually invests in every staff member, equipping them to build excellence in HTC programs. The HTC staff is committed to strategic planning, adherence to documented processes, and ongoing evaluation to achieve successful student outcomes. 


The Protestant Federation of Haiti was founded to ensure a wide dissemination of Protestant thought in order to affirm the position of Haitian Protestantism which must be united, supportive and strong, to promote common actions to allow Haitians to experience the love of Christ, to promote Christian and Protestant values in a holistic vision of men and women, and to influence major national decisions aimed at the well-being of society.

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