Development For Freedom International (DFI)

Street Children's
Shelter and School

Street Children's
Shelter and School

Street Children's
Shelter and School

In Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, there are many young children who are living on the streets because they have lost their parents and do not have any shelter, or have run away because of domestic abuse, or from critical impoverishment of their family. Most, if not all, of these children are exposed to chaotic living environment, and unmonitored and uncontrolled exposures to drugs, violence, and early sexual engagement. With a thankful heart, DFI as started this ministry as this was the first ministry that God has warmly opened for DFI. Following the Jesus’ word What you have done to the least among you is what you have done to me.

DFI has opened the shelter and school for these young children from the streets and so far around 100 children have received Jesus Christ as their savior and received new life from Jesus. Among them, some have graduated from the school and are now contributing members of the society as diligent workers, and some have moved on to the next level of education to realize their full potential in the future. This has been a wonderful ministry where we could raise and build young souls of Christ to bear fruit.



LAWOUZE is a home for girls, established and managed by DFI where street and deprived girls are rescued, provided with education, spiritual nurture, and supported to enable them to envision a better future.


AGAPE REHABILITATION CENTER began in September 2013 with 26 street boys, and now some 58 boys attend the Center and receive education, spiritual support and economic freedom to enable them to grow and become self-sufficient.


This school is located in Montrouis and welcomes kindergarten and primary school children – both girls and boys – providing them with basic quality education and a hot meal every school day. These children come from underprivileged families who cannot afford to send their kids to school. 



As we know, education is a powerful and lasting tool in the fight against poverty.


Not only are the boys educated and provided with the means to earn a future living, but they also receive basic health care, psychological and spiritual assistance.


Our boys receive vocational training which will enable them to enter the job market.

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