DFI’s staff are affected by insecurity, which partly hampers our activities.

Every day, our dedicated staff make unimaginable sacrifices to reach our offices, despite the growing dangers caused by the armed gangs that have turned the capital into a war zone. Travel has become increasingly perilous as violence rages across the country. Some of our employees have been exposed to gruesome scenes while making their way to work, while others are forced to pay ransoms to cross barricaded roads. For some, leaving their homes is an insurmountable challenge due to the prevailing insecurity in their neighbourhoods.

Faced with such dangerous conditions, the DFI administration has taken the decision to reduce working hours, enabling their employees to leave early in order to get home to their families before the 7:00 PM curfew imposed by the government to counter the senseless and random acts of violence committed by gang members on citizens.These men and women risk their lives every day, driven by their love and unwavering commitment to the well-being of the children who so desperately need love, support and guidance.

We earnestly ask for your prayers to support our employees as they face these challenges head-on. In addition, your financial support is necessary to enable us to continue to maintain our operations in the field.

We invite you to visit our website via the button below to make a generous donation. Together, we can continue to make a real difference in the lives of Haiti’s vulnerable children. DFI would like to thank you for your continued support.

The security situation in Haiti remains extremely unstable.

The security situation in Haiti remains extremely unstable. Gang violence is concentrated in specific areas within the capital. It is intensifying and gradually gaining momentum. The gangs continue attacking residential areas and kidnapping groups of people, including politicians and business people.

On Sunday evening, Unicef’s Executive Director compared the situation in Haiti to the post-apocalyptic film saga “Mad Max”, as gangs control a large part of the Caribbean island’s territory and humanitarian aid struggles to develop.


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https://www.ouest-france.fr/monde/haiti/haiti-la-situation-est-proche-de-mad-max-d-a pres-l-unicef-9cc1d199-29e1-4a63-9215-205219bd8c52
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