DFI is committed to address health challenges faced by haitian communities by improving and faciltating access to the overall well-being and healthcare facilities through our diverse programs and initiatives.


This project is dedicated to improve healthcare in Haiti, particularly for children with cardiovascular diseases. With a high prevalence of congenital and acquired heart conditions, access to life-saving interventions is limited in the country due to the absence of cardiac center. The project aims at establishing a permanent cardiac center in Haiti, providing comprehensive care including diagnosis, surgeries, and post-operative support through partnerships with Korea University Medical Center and Global Image Care (GIC). Started in 2012, medical missions are conducted to bridge the gap until proper cardiac center is established in Haiti. The objective is to reduce preventable deaths and improve the quality of life for those affected by heart diseases. To date, 98 children’s lives have been saved. By providing effective solutions and assistance, the Saving Lives Project strives to make a significant impact on the healthcare landscape in Haiti.


DFI has implemented education programs for medical students and doctors in Haiti. The Medical Personnel Education Program started in 2015 in partnership with the State University of Haiti. Students receive lectures and special training in subjects such as human and cardiovascular physiology, anatomy, radiology and oncology from professors in University of Toronto (Canada) in order to improve their contemporary medical knowledge. Two Haitian doctors were also sponsored to South Korea to observe cardiac surgeries and gain fellowship training.


Our Medical Equipment Donations program plays a vital role in supporting healthcare facilities and communities. Through this initiative, DFI aims at providing essential medical equipment and supplies to those in need, ensuring that healthcare professionals have the required tools to deliver quality care to patients. Medical equipment such as ECG machines and ultrasound scanners have been donated to the university in Haiti to be used for both training purposes and clinical use.

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