Spiritual Development

At DFI, we are committed to nurturing and strengthening Christian faith through prayer, Bible teaching, fellowship and worship. We provide people with a supportive environement where they can develop and deepen their relationship with God. We aim to inspire spiritual growth, cultivate virtue and promote Christ-centered living. Through the Gospel, we make a positive impact in the world as faithful followers of Christ.


In Mark 11:17, ” My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” A house of prayer is a dwelling place for God. In this house of prayer we gather, as Christians, to share the Gospel of Jesus, and also providing the Haitian community with a space where hearts are lifted and souls find comfort in God’s presence. In this sacred sanctuary, people are free to worship, intercede and gain spiritual renewal. As a result, lives are restored, faith is strengthened and miracles occur.


Churches play an essential role in the lives of individuals and communities, providing a place of worship, teaching, support and service. They are places where people can find spiritual renewal, emotional support and an active commitment to the well-being of all. Through strategic planning, equipping and empowering local leaders, DFI embarks on a mission to expand God’s Kingdom by establishing new churches, where lives can be transformed, disciples can be formed and communities can be positively impacted. We want to spread the Gospel by planting new churches in remote areas of Haiti where people are not yet receiving the good news of Jesus Christ. Join us as we plant seeds of faith, cultivate thriving congregations and bring hope to the world, one church at a time.


DFI invests in the future of the Church through dynamic youth programs, discipleship opportunities and empowerment initiatives. We aim at inspiring and equipping young believers to lead a life of purpose and impact their communities. In Haiti, 58 per cent of the population is less than 24 years old. it is then crucial that we promote the next generation as future Christian leaders. We thrive to cultivate a generation rooted in God’s Word, led by the Holy Spirit and committed to spreading His love and truth. We invite you to embrace the journey of growth, discipleship and transformation as we shape the future together, empowering the next generation to be shining beacons of hope and faith.


DFI is launching this transformative initiative to spread God’s love, compassion and grace to every corner of the world. We believe that by amplifying the message of the Good News, we can have a profound impact on individuals and communities. Through this project, we will harness the power of media, technology and storytelling to touch hearts and souls. Our dedicated team will produce compelling content that inspires, uplifts and offers hope to those who need it most. We’ll share stories of transformation, acts of kindness and testimonies of faith that serve as the evidence of God’s goodness. Through various channels such as social media, podcasts, videos and articles, DFI will showcase the incredible work of the organization and the remarkable people it serves. ” Broadcasting the Good News” is an invitation to join us in this mission. We encourage everyone to get involved by sharing our content, spreading the message of love and compassion, and supporting our initiatives.

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