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How to get involved

Pray for us:  Nothing is more powerful than power of prayer. At DFI we begin and end our day in prayer. We ask that you take a moment to pray for the DFI staff, the children in our transition home, and for our beloved Haiti. We believe that God truly hears all our prayers and knows our hearts and to be prayed for and over is restorative and empowering.  We ask for guidance, safety, and the ability to continue sharing God’s love here in Haiti. Thank you for keeping DFI in your prayers


Prayer Group: Each Tuesday and Thursday we host a prayer circle open to the public, welcoming our community into our home and praying for Haiti. You can join via zoom each week and see what DFI has been up to that week, listen to testimony from community members, and pray and worship along with the DFI Family. For security reasons, we do not share the zoom link publicly, but can be found when you subscribe to our monthly newsletter or message us on social media! We hope to see you there!!


Follow us on social media: To stay informed on our latest updates for DFI projects, hear stories from our amazing beneficiaries, learn more about Haiti and its culture, and find out more about how you can get involved we ask that you check out our social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can like and follow us on each platform and share our social media with friends and family! We appreciate the support you have for DFI and thank you for sharing our social media information, raising awareness about the challenges Haiti faces, and how DFI projects work for the community to face these challenges together.


Subscription List: Join our subscription list where you can receive a monthly newsletter that will give you a personalized insight into the work we do, why we do it, and the people we do it for! The subscription also includes the zoom link for a weekly prayer circle, security updates, and more detailed project information not shared on social media. To subscribe you can click on the link and enter your email information on the main page of DFI!


Local fundraising: Want to fundraise for DFI? You can get involved by partnering with your local churches, philanthropy orgs, and inviting friends and family to host fundraising events. Some fun fundraising ideas include but are not limited to- hosting garage sales, having a zoom party meet and greet with DFI staff where you hear testimonies and the work DFI is doing, or teaming up with a local business for a fundraising drive!

Whatever way you choose to get involved, we thank you personally for your continued support, prayer, and encouragement. 

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