From the FOUNDER

I am delighted to address you today as the founder of DFI, a Christian faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to the world where each individual can fully enjoy life as we are created in the image of God. When I was called for children and women ministry in Haiti in 2011, it was not easy to comprehend and obey such a calling and leave everything behind. This event happened six months after being baptized in Haiti while working for the UN mission. Despite my resistance, His calling was too strong to escape; I surrendered and founded DFI to respond to it.


DFI mission began in 2012; the circumstances were not favorable to us. The mission work started without donors and sponsoring churches. I came from nowhere into a Christian world with no roots; I was not fully equipped for the mission work due to the sudden calling. However, as Roman 11:29 says, “for the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable.” the grace of God and His miraculous provisions have always been with us.


We have been uplifting vulnerable children and young girls who have endured immense hardships, such as street boys and physically or/and sexually abused girls. At DFI, we have made it our mission to provide a haven for these children, offering them a chance at a better future. Through rehoming, rehabilitation, education, and spiritual development, we have supported over 300 boys and young men, helping them rediscover hope and reclaim their lives. Through the health care project, we have saved over 98 children’s precious lives and empowered single moms with economic self-sufficiency project. DFI serves the marginalized ones, the least of least in society, and strives to help them for the love of Jesus.


As we navigate the challenges ahead, I assure you that DFI remains dedicated to its vision and mission. We will continue to work tirelessly to provide hope, healing, and opportunities for those in need. As the founder of DFI, I would like to invite you to our journey to expand His Kingdom in this world. Together, let us forge ahead, driven by compassion and inspired by the belief that every life is precious and deserving love and support.


Thank you for your trust and commitment to our cause.


Helen Kim

Founder and CEO

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