Emergency relief is one of DFI’s important work, providing immediate humanitarian assistance after natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods that regularly impact Haiti.


DFI mobilizes to deliver emergency supplies to those in need, emergency kits including food, hygiene and sanitary products, temporary shelter and house building.  DFI works closely with local communities and partners to identify the most urgent needs and provide targeted relief.

  • Kits distribution  : In order to respond to disaster, DFI provides immediate assistance for vulnerable people by sending emergency kits. These kits are carefully packed with vital items like food, sanitary and hygiene , medical supplies, blankets, providing critical support during times of crisis.


  • House Building : When communities are devastated by natural disasters or face dire housing conditions, we step in to provide shelter or permanent houses. Through this program, we construct safe and resilient houses for families who have lost their homes or those living in inadequate conditions. Our focus is on building durable structures that can withstand future disasters, incorporating local expertise and sustainable construction practices.

  • Food Distribution : Haiti, often faces acute food shortages, leaving vulnerable populations at risk of malnutrition and hunger. The « Food Distribution program » of DFI aims to provide immediate relief by ensuring access to nutritious food for affected communities. DFI collaborates with local partners and humanitarian agencies to coordinate effective and swift distribution of food supplies.
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