Our actions greatly impact the lives of the people that we serve: 


1. Since 2012, more than 80 children have benefitted from major heart surgery in South Korea. Today, these children remain in good health, are able to enjoy life, and grow up without the risk of future heart complications. 


2. In Haiti, due to insecurity, structural violence, and high level of poverty…many children are often forced to live or work on the streets. Known as street children, they are one of the most vulnerable child populations in Haiti. At DFI we have helped rehome, rehabilitate, educate, and give spiritual development to over 300 boys and young men since 2012. 


3.  Young girls in Haiti are at a higher risk of exploitation, physical and sexual abuse, and lack of access to proper and consistent education.  DFI has taken in 25 young girls through the help of the Haitian social welfare department (IBESR) and the Haitian Child Protection services (BPM).  We work with young girls that have been sexually abused and exploited as sex workers, and young girls who have become pregnant due to exploitation and abuse.  Young women and girls still face a higher risk of discrimination and our goal is to provide safe housing and education while also equipping each young woman with the knowledge and confidence to fight for gender equality. 


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