“Reach out to the ends of the Earth and prepare for the Last days as witnesses of Christ!” With this calling, DFI started its first mission in Haiti  in 2012. Just as Jesus’ three years of public ministry, DFI’s ministries are primarily constituted with “Teaching, Preaching and Healing. Currently, DFI is registered as an organization 501|C|13) in the United States and is also legally recognized in Canada and Haiti and is working to expand the Kingdom of God through His amazing grace. Also, our Lord with His kingdom builders will continue to bless our mission and work together with us so that we can be the witnesses of God’s Word. “In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.._

DFI is a Christian non-profit Organization seeking to reach people’s heart through our actions, contributing to the creation of a more equal and even fairer world where each individual can fully enjoy life as created at the image of GOD.
Our Mission is to help each human being that we support to develop and strengthen their capacities and their God-given talents, thus demonstrating the love of Jesus. DFI embodies the Spirit of Jesus wherever there is a need for support in any desperate situation, be it a natural disaster, war, poverty, and/or disease.

We demonstrate the Love of God, aiming at supporting and loving each other as brothers and sisters. Our work is imbued with ethics and morals. We manage the resources made available to us with transparency and integrity. We put our abilities and talents to the service of others and we are accountable for our management.  We develop in each of us the spirit of humility, considering the needs of others as being above our own. We listen to others. 

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