New perspectives for cardiology in Haiti

They will be 8 children and a young Haitian doctor to leave Haiti on Saturday, December 22, 2012, to benefit from South Korean high technologies in the field of cardiovascular surgery.
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The international organization “Development for Freedom International”, together with the Korean medical team “Global Image Care” based in Léogane (in the south of the country), intends to bring relief to Haitians suffering from heart problems. On Saturday, eight children victims of cardiovascular disease, each accompanied by a member of their family, will leave the country to undergo surgery in South Korea, under the supervision of specialists. The young doctor Saint-Cyr Djhonn who will accompany the delegation, will benefit from an intensive six-month training in the field of cardiovascular surgery. Despite the efforts made in the medical field in Haiti, hospitals and state hospitals do not have the equipment or technology necessary for this type of operation. “It is a cooperation that Haiti must maintain,” underlines the Secretary of State for External Cooperation, Robert Labrousse. Hoping that one day Haiti will be able to help other countries in need.

For her part, the Minister in charge of Human Rights and the Fight against Extreme Poverty, Marie Carmèle Rose Anne Auguste, does not hide her satisfaction. She congratulates the Korean medical team for making Haiti a priority. Moreover, it recognizes that the situation of extreme poverty experienced by the population largely affects the medical system. However, she hopes to see big improvements in health care in the not too distant future. “I thank the Korean government for understanding the need to pass on its knowledge to our young doctors. I hope that one day the country will be able to stand on its own two feet. We are a people with a lot of potential. We must start by exploiting them,” said the minister.

Development for Freedom International and its projects for Haiti

“The goals are enormous,” said the president of Development for Freedom International (DFI), Helen Kim. In the coming days, the Global Image Care (GIC), together with the international organization, Development for Freedom International, intends to bring new touches to the image of medicine in Haiti. In short-term projects, the heads of organizations working in the field of health plan to set up a program for the treatment of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In addition, they plan to offer intensive training abroad to young Haitian doctors in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. These young doctors will then have the experience required to manage the surgery program in the event of the departure of the Korean medical team.

Following the visit of the Korean pediatrician and cardiologist, Dr. Gi Young Jang in the country last June, the heads of the organizations Global Image Care and Development for Freedom International have agreed to build in Haiti a center for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. suitably equipped. An initiative that is part of the long-term projects of Korean organizations. In addition, this center will contribute to research and future technological advances in the field of clinical cardiology. According to the assistant to the president of FDI, Yena Oh, the Korean medical team intends to launch a campaign of cardiovascular surgery in Haiti over a period of 10 years. The objective is to operate on twenty children per year. “Korea is ready to lend a hand to the Haitian people,” she said.

Rush towards a rewarding experience

Linda Louis Jean is one of the parent beneficiaries of the cardiovascular treatment program. She will accompany her child to undergo surgery in Korea. After many years of consulting public and private doctors, the woman on the verge of thirty says she is relieved that her child will finally enjoy stable health. “I consulted a myriad of doctors, but none of them could inspire me with so much hope. I thought I was going to lose my child, until the day when Korean doctors discovered that he was suffering from a cardiovascular disease. Now I am back to sleep,” says Linda Jean Louis. In addition, the mother of the family intends to take advantage of her stay in Korea to regain her strength.

Coriolan Widelène, meanwhile, is more than satisfied. Aged 20, she suffers from cardiovascular disease.

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