With the project “Saving Lives”, Missionary Helen KIM offered this year, six (6) Haitian children the opportunity to travel to South Korea in order to undergo major heart surgeries. This trip was made possible with the financial support of our partners in “Saving lives Project”, “Daniel Prayer Meeting” and “Samsung Hospital”. The children, along with their tutor, an interpreter, and Mrs. KIM left Haiti on Saturday April 16, 2022.

After a long, tiring, but a successful month, the whole team came back to Haiti, on Saturday, May 21. All surgeries for these children suffering from heart disease have been successfully completed. They were warmly welcomed by a delegation sent by DFI Haiti who met them at the airport.
Devilme Idris Pears Macklay, Flodin Gaelle, Derat Hervensly, Joseph Jocedaelle, Latour Djevens, Narcisse Naima, are the names of these six children. They are now in good health, good condition and are already on their way to meet their families in their respective neighborhoods. It has not been easy for these children to live with these deadly diseases, nor has it been easy for their parents to be able to support them in such a critical state of health, knowing that their child could die at any moment is they didn’t receive proper specialized care. Despite their best efforts, those parents were unable to offer their children any improvement in their health condition, due to lack of means.

DFI thanks all those of you who, during the time of the surgeries, did not stop praying so that God would allow everything to go well and be successful. Our thanks go to all of our donors who did not stop supporting us. Your prayers and help have been very helpful, but be aware that the work is not yet finished. Many other children in urban areas, poor neighborhoods, and volatile areas are waiting for DFI to do something to save them. Many others need to attend regular school, medical assistance, and shelter, leave the street life they lead or find a hosting family. DFI is concerned about these calls for assistance and we intend to help these children as much as we can. But we will not be able to do so without your support. That’s why we ask you to continue to support us through our Saving Lives project.



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