Development For Freedom International (DFI)



Our actions greatly impact the lives of people that we serve:

1. Since 2012, more than 80 children have benefitted from major heart surgery in South Korea. These children are today in good health, enjoying life and growing up in their communities. They have been given a new opportunity to become useful members of their community and see their future with hope.

2. In Haiti, street children have been a challenge for public services for many years. Thanks to the prompt response of DFI to this matter, about 300 street children – all boys – have been rescued. We sheltered them, feed them and provide them with an opportunity to have a trade and/or profession and become useful members of society. 

Most of them are already re-established in their community. Some of them are working with DFI. Currently, more than 45 of them are living in our Center, in their last grade of high school. 

3. Girls remain a highly vulnerable group in Haitian society. Twenty-five (25) of them have been rescued from the street and from poverty. Out of these, 3% were experiencing early pregnancy and had nowhere to turn for help. DFI welcomed them and provide them with proper health care until delivery. 

Now these girls are gaining hope for a better future, learning a profession and/or trade, and preparing for new life.


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