Fadoule Nalis, 25 years old is one of the first children accepted in our AGAPE center. Before that, he was a street child who spent his time wandering in the city of Port-au-Prince, doing little tasks to serve people as a mean to find his daily bread. He used to work with truck drivers for a whole day in exchange of a fee that allowed him to buy something to eat before going back to the house where he lived with his family.

Being fatherless, Fadoule was living under dire circumstances and he was not able to find food or go to school. One day, while wandering in the street, one of the people in charge of our rehabilitation center AGAPE met him and proposed him to come to AGAPE where he was going to meet Miss Helen Kim. That day was his lucky one, according to him, because Mrs. Helen Kim welcomed him, gave him shelter, sent him to school and now he has been part of AGAPE Center for over 3 years.

According to his testimony, Mrs. Helen Kim helped him find a job at SONAPI where he worked for a long time and started to find financial means to take care of himself and his family which is in great need. Despite all this, missionary Helen Kim was still concerned about Fadoule’s critical economic situation and decided to continue to support him by giving him a weekly food kit that allowed him to feed himself and his family.

Today, Fadoule’s life got better and took another turn. Fadoule is no longer a street child but an educated young man with a professional job, someone who knows God and strives to do His will. Through the aid program called “LIBERE”, Fadoule received a small business kit this Wednesday, June 1, from DFI. He said he has been waiting for this for a long time and that he will do his best to grow the business and then pay an amount of 4.45 dollars each month so that DFI can help other young people in need.

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