The President / CEO, Helen Kim and the new girl .

Our girls home received a new girl.

Our girls home received a new girl. But she is already so familiar to us. Her name is Feodin, who we brought to Korea and received heart surgery this year. Feodin’s mother passed away when she was little and her father left her without knowing where he was going. She has been living with her aunt. Her father gave us so much tribble during making a US visa as well as getting permission to leave Haiti from the government. But we finally found him.


However, when we went to Korea together, we witnessed that she was not well-taken care of by her aunt. Sometimes, she was verbally abused and ignored completely. I could not see any love from her aunt. Therefore, I asked her aunt if she can give Feodin to us so that we can raise her. Her aunt and father agreed, finally, she joined our girl’s home. Our girls are so smart and doing well. I know that they will become a great leader in Haiti and contribute so much to His Kingdom. Please be with these girls with your prayers and support.

By Helen Kim, President and CEO, DFI.

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