The socio-political turmoil in Haiti is having a devastating impact on children. Over 200,000 children are currently living on the streets, exposed to violence, hunger and exploitation.
However, God continues to keep his hand on our children at the two rehabilitation centres… Thank God our children are safe from all these events and doing well where they are in their homes… They can’t really go to school, but each day they receive their tutor who comes to work with them to bring them up to standard according to their academic program. They don’t go out to church, but gather together to pray for the country and intercede for HAITI’s deliverance.

We thank God for this great privilege and we ask you to continue to help us through your donations so that we can continue to provide all these children with what they need for their well-being and continue to keep them free from the influence of the violence experienced by Haiti’s street children.


Haiti is experiencing months of political turbulence, marked by acts of violence, looting and a civil war between bandits and the National Police, which is weakened by the situation. The main actors in this deteriorating situation are the armed gangs who are taking total control of the capital and imposing their laws.

The current government is failing in its mission, and finding itself unable to provide a solution to relieve the Haitian people who are left to fend for themselves, has decided to withdraw via The announcement of Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation on March 11, 2024, after 31 months in power. This decision comes against a backdrop of a deep political and security crisis, illustrated by gang violence in Port-au-Prince, which prevented Dr. Henry returned to his country due to a wave of attacks on public institutions, including police stations and prisons, releasing thousands of inmates from the capital’s two largest prison centres.

We are appealing to your generosity to support street children in Haiti. Their situation is urgent and requires immediate action. Your financial contribution will make a real difference in the lives of these children, by providing them with safe shelter, education and healthcare.

Join us in this vital mission to save these children and offer them a glimmer of hope.

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