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The right to education

Street children obviously do not go to school. As a result, they do not have the same opportunities as other children. Indeed, the lack of prospects and the lack of vocational training hamper their chances of finding a job and leaving the streets for good.

Knowing that the place of children is not in the street, they need
a safe place to grow. We were able to withdraw children from
the street, re-educate them and transform them mentally
and spiritually.


The right to proper feeding

Street children often do not have access to sufficient and healthy food. In addition, they may not have any food at all because, living on the streets, they do not have the means to buy food. We provide them with a balanced diet three times a day, along with primary healthcare.

The right to basic health

The health of children living in the streets is seriously compromised. Indeed, they do not have access to health facilities. In addition, due to poor hygiene and sanitation, street children are exposed to various diseases. Without a family to care for them, these youngsters have to take responsibility for themselves.

At the center they are provided with regular medical check-ups and follow up. As a result their health improves day after day brightening their future and giving them hope .

Heart Surgery

The right to equal treatment

Perceived as marginalized, street youth are often victims of discrimination. Generally, adults have prejudices that stigmatize them as “street children”. They are therefore often associated with the dangers of the streets which makes it difficult for them to be reintegrated into society.

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