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Women’s Empowerment Self-Economic Through Training

Project Rationale

Historically and culturally, women have less access to resources, and most of the time they find themselves very dependent and vulnerable to poverty, abuse, and all kinds of inequalities.

Through Education and Training, DFI seeks to bridge this gap and change living conditions for women and girls. WEST Project provides specific training and basic capital for single mothers and underprivileged women and girls to enable them to start their own economic and income-generating activities.

Vocational training is provided according to the needs and requirements of the employment market, as to increase women’s likeliness to find a good job and be effective at the tasks entrusted.

Project objectives

WEST project has three (3) main objectives:

  1. Decrease unemployment rate and poverty in Haiti by providing relevant training to enhance skills;
  2. Achieve self-sufficiency among women in Haiti
  3. Create an educated labor force for greater effectiveness and profitability.

Project activities

A series of modules on different topics are designed and developed, aiming at enabling women to officially enter the employment market and acquire necessary skills to better perform their tasks at work. 


The following topics are taught:

  • Basic business for street and small vendors
  • Home maid training
  • Kitchen management and cooking
  • Housekeeping / Laundry
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Basic Administrative assistant skills

On-site training is also provided where trainees are able to put their learning into practice and get feedback.

Project achievements & impact:

  • Seven (7) women have been trained, supported, and encouraged to do savings and undertake income generating activities – those women have been struggling to care for their children and families and most of the time their children live in the streets;
  • Seven (7) other women joined the group, making a total of fourteen (14) women now;
  • Focus Group are held to give women an opportunity to share their experience and their story with one another, discuss relevant issues and identify paths of solution;
  • In addition to technical training, women learn good manners, sexual education as to empower them to become mentally and spiritually stronger and take hold of their life;
  • Learnings are designed to help promote gender equity, capacity building for women, relevant education and enhance living conditions for families. 
  • Besides, WEST project will also help develop a skilled, competent and effective labor force while attempting to secure potential jobs in Haiti.
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