Our Lord sent 6 street boys to us, and we said yes to all !!!

We had a serious meeting with our staff few days ago. We are facing financial difficulties and I said, I won’t take it as my burden, I would like to share it with everyone and give it to the Lord. I suggested that we must pray together and cry out to God together. We all agreed.
However, I proclaimed that despite of our financial difficulties, we will receive more boys and girls from the street and we will feed more malnourished children. That is how we overcome our financial difficulties with faith.
The very next day, our Lord sent 6 street boys to us, it seems like what I proclaimed with my mouth, God wants to see my real action. Yes, of course, we said yes to All!! Praise the Lord. I cannot wait to see how God will bless these boys, and one of boys is mute and deaf who we met already on the street. Please pray for these boys and support our work in Haiti.

By Helen Kim, President and CEO, DFI.


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