2 years after the unprecedented earthquake in 2010, Estimates suggest that between 150,000 and 500,000 Haitian children are living in domestic servitude. Most of them were more likely to have never attended school. Many children lost their parents, mentors, as a result they were hopeless. In the West department that represents the urban population, children barely survived with daily vital challenges such as food, water and school.

Through these dark moments DFI has emerged with that idea of transforming these children’s lives by empowering their potentials while fulfilling their essential needs. This idea took place in the school of AGAPE. The definition of this world Agape refers to unconditional love hosted since 2012 from more than 60 vulnerable children, taking them from the streets to allow them access to a brighter future they can afford because of the second life chance provided by DFI.


AGAPE has celebrated 11 years of impact with the boys that it takes care of. It was a special event that was highlighted by the happiness of the boys dancing, connecting with staff of advisor and professor and above all sharing testimonies.

As we look at the incredible milestone achieved in order to provide high quality education and living conditions to these wonderful souls, we can be proud of our work as christian, experimenting with the most important Christian value which is LOVE.

Our hearts overflowed with gratitude and fulfillment. We witnessed the impact of collective effort to bring joy, hope, and empowerment to these extraordinary children. It was a reminder that every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves love, support, and opportunity to thrive. In the name of this unconditional love that embraces the Hebrew word AGAPE, we invite you to join us to amplify these changing lives’ impact to every corner of the country.


by helping to change street children’s lives in Haiti today.


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