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Port-au-Prince, Haiti Haiti’s children are the most neglected and at-risk members of society. Left to fend for themselves, they develop vices to survive in the streets. With no father figure or godly role models in their lives these children often make decisions which has led to them either joining gangs, going to jail, or losing their lives. AGAPE SCHOOLand its staff are here to make a change in the status quo. As an educational institution Agape is committed to offering a quality education to children who have been deprived of it.

AGAPE SCHOOL represents hope for the Haitian community. It is designed to welcome vulnerable children and to give them a chance to get an education. Faced with the desperate situation of street children in Haiti, AGAPE SCHOOL becomes a beacon of hope, guiding young people towards a brighter future.


The Haitian education system often struggles to integrate these children who started school late and have no academic foundation. AGAPE SCHOOL offers essential support, a quality education, and focuses on the well-being of all its students. Agape’s teachers and staff are working closely together to ensure that its students achieve their academic potential, and all the while providing them with a safe and stimulating environment.

Development for Freedom International (DFI) created this institution with a clear vision: every child, whatever their situation, deserves a chance to acquire a quality education. DFI firmly believes that Haiti’s future lies in its youth, and that these children deserve the opportunity to forge a better future for themselves.


DFI, with its limited resources, has already made a significant difference in the lives of many street children. However, to continue with its mission to extending it to more vulnerable children, we are looking for both sponsors and donors to assist us. DFI is calling upon the Haitian community and civil society to unite and help bring about a new generation of educatedresponsible, and God-fearing citizens.

AGAPE SCHOOL is an important project in Haiti, offering quality education to those who need it most. By supporting this initiative, the Haitian community and Civil Society can help eradicate the scourge of street children and build a brighter future for the country. Every contribution count, because together we can transform lives and create a new Haiti, and together we can write a new page in this country’s history. A history that is filled with promise and opportunity for those who deserve a chance to shine.


by helping to change street children’s lives in Haiti today.


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