Haiti, the Caribbean country that has already faced many challenges, is today grappling with an increasingly difficult situation. The high cost of living, rising unemployment, pervasive poverty and growing insecurity in Port-au-Prince have plunged the nation into a deeper crisis. In addition, the neighboring Dominican Republic has decided to close its border with Haiti, creating further obstacles for a country already in difficulty, and leading to food shortages and higher prices for domestic products.

Against this chaotic backdrop, DFI (Development for freedom international) stands firm in its commitment to Haiti’s most vulnerable children, especially those living on the streets. DFI’s mission is to offer them a better future, despite the growing challenges.

The current crisis makes DFI’s mission more difficult than ever. The situation in Haiti is becoming increasingly precarious, with many families struggling to feed their children and having access to basic healthcare. Street children are particularly vulnerable, left to fend for themselves, exposed to hunger, crime, and exploitation.


Despite the difficulties DFI remains a hope for these children. The organization refuses to abandon its mission during these trying times. The situation in Haiti has become a real challenge to manage, but DFI remains determined to provide them with a safe place to live, food to eat, clothing, health care, and education.


DFI’s obligations become more complex every day, as the organization clings to its conviction that God will not abandon them in this noble mission. DFI calls on the solidarity of all those who share this conviction and wish to contribute to a better future for the children of Haiti.

Your donation can make a huge difference. Join DFI in the fight to create a new generation of God honoring, honest, responsible, and consistent Haitians, capable of taking the future of Haiti into their own hands. Join us and help us build a new Haiti, full of hope and promise for children to have a promising future. Be part of this change, join us today.


Be part of this change

Help us build a new Haiti, full of hope and promise for children to have a promising future


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